Everything is slower here

  In these crannies of the mountains, the mode of supplying elemental needs is still slow, laborious, personal… There is a deep pervasive satisfaction in these simple acts. Whether you give it conscious thought or not, you are touching life, and something within you knows it (p.82) Nan Shepherd, ‘The Living Mountain’ Inshriach Bothy The walk from the wood store to the axe’s haggar at the chopping block; the careful a
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Suzanne Déry and Amy-Claire Huestis

Lichen Arrow Rainbow River   Wood   Axe Green    Blue    Orange Yellow Crystal Moon Cloud Light    Picture    Fire    Cauldron Sauna      Water     Dishes   Matches Toilet Paper  Pee  Moss  Trees  Heather Witches  Juniper berries  Stars   Mountains RAINBOW WALK We see the rainbow ahead, then in the landscape through striations and wondrous gradations. Green always the constant neutral tone. Soft green of moss, green
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Lisa Beckers & Marloes Meijburg

November 2015                                                                   www.lisabeckers.nl / www.marloesmeijburg.com TIME EXPERIENCE No clock…no forced Greenwich Time…but inner time experience which gave me concentration, enthusiasm and lucidity. CHILDHOOD Exploring the land, playing with soil, plants and light. Freedom, no boundaries, no property. Spending time as a kid. PIGMENTS Seize colours fr
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Ian Jenny Humberstone Bothy Project

Jenny Humberstone + Ian Humberstone

Crisp frost adorns the crunching heather. Moonlight brightens, illuminating every patch of frozen ground, every bare branch. The night sky, above this small shelter, this haven of home, sheltering us from the brisk cold and wailing winds. A crackling hearth, the warmth of a wood-fuelled fire, simple comfort and protection from natural elements we are rarely so exposed to. The River Spey lies beneath us, its roaring c
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Ellis O’Connor – Window out to the West

I began my journey up to the Isle of Eigg on the 3rd of January. I went to Eigg to walk, to amble through the wild terrains, to think, to be surrounded by wild weather and to make a brand new body of work made up of photographs, prints, drawings and writings in direct response from the atmosphere and surroundings of the Bothy. The first artist residency of the year and sure enough the wild weather did not disappoint.
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Richard Elliott, Inshriach Bothy Residency, Saturday 22nd – Saturday 29th November, 2014

                        Images taken in my too short a stay in this beautiful place,  look forward to posting new work, based on my time here. Many thanks to Bobby, Walter, Morag and Spook. www.richardelliott.co
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Madescapes at Pig Rock Bothy

UK Based Artist Collaborative group MadeScapes ^ are constantly thinking, researching and appropriating, in order to produce works and projects beyond themselves and projecting a potential for our greater humanity. Having exhibited both nationally and internationally, from London to Barcelona; they now arrive at their latest project ‘Beacons’ which was recently exhibited at the Pig Rock Bothy at the Scott
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