Ox On Eigg ‘Isle Land Life’, Psychic Experiments and Site Worship

Isle Land Life, image by Ox, 2016 Ox On Eigg – Isle Land Life. Psychic Experiments and Site Worship is the Ox Art residency at Sweeney’s Bothy, on the Isle of Eigg, selected and hosted by The Bothy Project. Ox Art are collaborative artist duo Annabel Pettigrew and Rob MacPherson. During our time on Eigg we performed daily psychic experiments using Zenner cards, and read the Tarot. We filmed and captured l
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Lisa Beckers & Marloes Meijburg

November 2015                                                                   www.lisabeckers.nl / www.marloesmeijburg.com TIME EXPERIENCE No clock…no forced Greenwich Time…but inner time experience which gave me concentration, enthusiasm and lucidity. CHILDHOOD Exploring the land, playing with soil, plants and light. Freedom, no boundaries, no property. Spending time as a kid. PIGMENTS Seize colours fr
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Lena Vurma and Thor Klein

5 – 12 December 2015   the tale of the tree Thank you Bothy Project! Thanks especially to Rachel & Bobby and Nicole & Matt. Two filmmakers with no electricity going back to the roots of storytelling – what a wonderful & unforgettable time!      
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Richard Elliott, Inshriach Bothy Residency, Saturday 22nd – Saturday 29th November, 2014

                        Images taken in my too short a stay in this beautiful place,  look forward to posting new work, based on my time here. Many thanks to Bobby, Walter, Morag and Spook. www.richardelliott.co
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David Lemm

I was invited to a residency at Sweeney’s bothy as part of Life Off the Grid project with Edinburgh University.  Inspired by the story of the infamous 1806 William Bold map, the project aimed to examine how maps are perceived and used on the island; exploring their significance and value as tools of way finding, instruments of organisaton, material artefacts and repositories of meaning. In particular, I was intereste
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Lesley Punton – stilled life with moving trees

I arrived during a week of gales. The Cairngorms are windy at the best of times, yet I’m accustomed to being on the brittle granite plateau where the combination of altitude and the persistence of the wind creates a sub arctic landscape, a place where plants hug the land tightly. However because of the wind’s excessive force and unpredictable cloud level, the snow covered plateau became, in essence, out of bounds. I
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