The Inshriach Bothy is a modern off-grid, live/work space designed specifically for artist residencies. The bothy was built as a part of the RSA Residencies for Scotland 2011, fabricated in residence at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and then transported to Inshriach Estate, 4 miles from Aviemore where it sits on the banks of the river Spey within a traditional Scottish woodland area of the Cairngorms National Park.
The Bothy is comfortable and warm, insulated with sheep’s wool and heated using a wood-burning stove. Facilities include a library, desk, mezzanine double bed, kitchenette, wood-burning stove with oven, rainwater harvesting system, outdoor suspended bag shower heated by stove, composting toilet (deluxe), solar panel lighting system, solar panel phone charger, and a solar/wind-up radio and torch.
The studio space consists of wall space 2x2m and a floor space of 1.5x2m. The space is ideal for painting, drawing, reading, thinking, and small-scale sculptural work: bricolage, wood carving etc.